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"How to Tell the Birds from the Flowers" - a cute little book from my collection. Over a century old, fully scanned. scans are copyright annepost 2008




I've always felt weird about sharing my work online; I've avoided it  for years and years. It feels too personal. But, I enjoy looking at the work of so many artists' online that it's only fair that I man up.

This is a new section for this site, begun July 19, 2014 and it will take time to get my images together... they're scattered about on my computer. Baby steps...

Pressed Flower Art "Simple Pleasures"


"Simple Pleasures"

Made with Queen Anne's Lace dyed pink, Tree Fern, and a nice little spring bulb called Star of Bethlehem.

The Star of Bethlehem evokes fond memories of gardening with my Grandma, they were a favorite of hers; mine have been handed down from her.


Queen Anne's Peacock - Pressed Flower Art by Anne Post


"Queen Anne's Peacock"

Hundreds of Queen Anne's Lace flowers were chosen, then pressed dry, and finally hand dyed in colors inspired by the showy peacock. The pressed flowers were then mounted on Mylar painted black to make the flowers pop.

The emphasis on this piece is in the evocative qualities of ordinary subject matter as a crucial element of perception and experience.


Pie Jesu - Made with Music, Pressed Roses, and Ferns

"Pie Jesu"

A special gift for mom, this is what we decided to do.The music background is from my daughter's aria performance of Pie Jesu with the Flint Symphonic Wind Ensemble, in Requiem Mass by Gabriel Fauré with her original musician notes, and is signed by her and me in collaboration.

The fern may seem a bit off; this was intentional and somewhat symbolic of the Treble Clef. Pie Jesu performed by Jennifer Curts, First Soprano.


"Ray's Woodland Treasures"

I feel sentimental about this one. My Grandson Ray is fascinated by leaves, ferns, bark, moss, lichens... just about any type of botanical other than flowers. He collects and presses them.

One day we decided to make a picture with his very favorite treasures. He put this together an I framed it for him. He proudly displays it on his bedroom wall.

Remembering Kahlua, Pressed Orchids


"Remembering Kahlua"

A commission piece, dedicated to the memory of a beloved Lab named Kahlua.

Her companion Helmsley met her at the Rainbow Bridge after waiting just a few months. Your mom and dad miss you both dearly.


"Remembering Helmsley"

This is so sad. I'm working on a commission piece, dedicated to the memory of a beloved Lab named Helmsley, loved dearly by Mandy, Dave, and Kahlua. Companion piece to "Remembering Kahlua" who passed a few weeks ago, just a couple of months after Kahlua. This will feature blue orchids in a complimentary style. Run free Helmsley, your mom and dad will join you one day.


"Pink Rose Botanical"

Simple and stunning; just like nature intended. What more can I say?


Resting in the Leaves

"Resting in Leaves"

Forever in my heart; this one's for you Bubbadog. Songs of silence live forever in my heart as my dear friend softly sleeps.






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