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Some of the books in my collection. I have more, and yes, I'm a book fanatic!

So Let's Talk Books! The Good News Is... Most of these books are on Amazon for less than a dollar.

I included links for convenience. Not all reviews are good reviews.

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"How to Tell the Birds from the Flowers" - a cute little book from my collection. Over a century old, fully scanned. scans are copyright annepost 2008

The Herbarium HandbookThe Herbarium Handbook by D Bridson and L Forman
This is a thorough and professional guide to collecting and preserving plants. Not for the casual flower preserver, but more for the professional herbarium worker, student, or pressed flower fanatic. This is a standard reference for all botanists, herbarium managers and technicians involved with the making and maintenance of herbarium collections.
ISBN-10: 1900347431   Herbarium Handbook 3rd Edition

Pressed Plant: The Art of Botanical Specimens, Nature Prints, and Sun Prints

The Pressed Plant: The Art of Botanical Specimens, Nature Prints, and Sun Prints by Andrea DiNoto
A well written history of plant preservation and pressing with summaries, comments, illustrations, and a comprehensive "how to" section. Anyone interested in pressed plant collecting should own this book. 160 pages, hardcover. ISBN: 1556709366, Publisher: Stewart Tabori & Chang 1999    
The Pressed Plant

Pressed FlowersPressed Flowers by Pamela LeBailly
How to make a press, design a picture, apply pressed flowers to candles, glass, porcelain and paper. A list of plants that press well with Latin and common names, a brief description of the plant or flower and pressing tips. Lots of color photos and some sketches. 75 pages hardcover.. ISBN:  1870586379  Publisher:  David Porteous Editions
Book of Pressed FlowersThe Book of Pressed Flowers by Penny Black
Information on  tools, material and supplies. Pressed floral design with step-by-step instructions, from creating designs to making floral collages. Shows flowers before and after pressing, and lists of things to press, including moss, lichen and bark. beautifully illustrated, instructive and inspirational. 120 pages hardcover ISBN: 0671660713, Publisher: Simon & Schuster, 1988 
Book of Pressed Flowers
Cards and CollagesThe Book of Cards and Collages by Penny Black
Creating cards and small art, using pressed flowers and materials such as handmade papers, spices, beads, and fabric in styles from highly ornate designs to simple botanical cards. This book does not teach flower pressing, but gives step-by-step instructions for making each design, material lists, and color photos of each project. 96 pages hardcover (over half are full page color photos)  ISBN: 0671866362, Publisher: Simon & Schuster 1993
The Afterlife of Flowers by Janie Feldman GrossThe Afterlife of Flowers by Janie Feldman Gross
Reference and philosophy of nature with enlarged color photographs of commonly pressed flowers. Includes a photographic chart showing each flower's common name, size and location in the book. A nice addition to a book collection, but not one of my favorites; this is more pretty than informational. 96 pages, hardcover. ISBN: 0762405708, 1999

Fragile Beauty: The Victorian Art of Pressed Flowers

Fragile Beauty: The Victorian Art of Pressed Flowers by Sandy Puckett
Practical design techniques, list of flowers that press well, cultivating a pressing garden and much more information. A good book for the beginner or advanced pressed flower designer; and a treasure for anyone who loves Victoriana. 90 pages hardcover, ISBN: 0446516732, Publisher: Warner Books, 1992

Pressed Flower Art: Tips, Tools, and Techniques for Learning the Craft by W. Eugene Burkhart Jr.
This 159 page book has an absolute wealth of information. From listing and explaining the various basic tools needed, to drying techniques, it is all here. The majority of the book is filled with pictures of hundreds of specimens and what they will look like when properly pressed and dried. Also address methodology of using mixed media when you get into the area of creating actual pieces of art and offers up some very creative ideas. ISBN: 0811703193, Publisher:  Stackpole Books 2008

Pressed Flowers: Decorative Projects to Enhance the HomePressed Flowers: Decorative Projects to Enhance the Home by Alison Jenkins
How pressed flowers can be used to enliven household objects, create unique gifts, ornaments, decorated candles and vases. With instructions to make gift bags and tags and advice on equipment and materials. 96 pages, ISBN: 1842151029, Publisher: Southwater Publishing
Forever Flowers by Bernice Peitzers Forever Flowers by Bernice Peitzers
Suggestions of flowers for pressing, planting seeds, gathering plant materials, pressing and storing, design techniques, dyeing flowers, floral projects, pictures, paper projects, oriental collage, flower symbolism, and herbal health. (no microwave pressing) The chapter on design is exceptional. Lots of good color pictures. 128 pages, ISBN:   Publisher: 2000

Pressed Flower Designs by Phyllis Walker

Hardcover  96 pages ISBN-10: 0718826299 Publisher: Lutterworth Press 1988

Collage from seeds, leaves and flowersCollage from Seeds, Leaves and Flowers by Joan Carver
A unique technique of gluing natural materials to fabric in designs reminiscent of fine embroidery. The work is painstaking in detail; the effect is stunning. Many small projects for cards, bookmarks, & framed items such as pendants and paperweights. A list of plants used in projects is included. Paperback, ASIN: 1861080514, Publisher: David & Charles UK
Pressed Flowers: A Creative GuidePressed Flowers: A Creative Guide by Cathy Bussi
Hardcover, ISBN: 0926684000
Publisher: State Mutual Book & Periodical Service, Ltd
Pressed Flower Picture BookThe Pressed Flower Picture Book by Irene Flesher
pages of beautiful full color pressed flower pictures, with information about creating your own pressed floral art works. SBN-10: 0884210561 Publisher: Butterick Publishing,1979  The Pressed Flower Picture Book

Fallen Leaves

Fallen Leaves by Louise Kollenbaum
The art of preserving the beauty of leaves simply and elegantly presented. This journal holds all you need to start your own pressed leaf collection with an introduction to leaf pressing and glassine envelopes for storage and display, This book has absorbent pages for pressing; Hardcover ISBN-10: 0811825280 Publisher: Chronicle Books 2000
Art Of Pressed Flowers: A Complete Portfolio by Mary Lawrence
I do NOT recommend this book. The information is too incomplete to be of much use. There is a kit containing an incomplete wooden flower press and an assortment of decorative papers. The accompanying guide provides instructions for a variety of projects which do look good. Okay for beginners, maybe. Hardcover 64 pages.   
Art Of Pressed Flowers: A Complete Portfolio

Using Microfleur: Pressed Flower Projects

Using Microfleur: Pressed Flower Projects by Jennie Beecroft
This is a full color paperback companion book to the Microfleur flower press. It teaches how to make pressed floral art using the botanicals that you press in the microwave. Everything is very basic.  Could be useful if you've never presses a flower before, but I don't recommend it.

Microwaved Pressed FlowersMicrowaved Pressed Flowers: New Techniques for Brilliant Flowers  by Joanna Sheen
Gives instructions to make a microwave press. Lists commonly pressed flowers and herbs. Instructions include material lists. 112 pages hardcover  ISBN: 0-8230-3058-X Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications 1999  

Microwaved Pressed Flowers: New Techniques for Brilliant Pressed Flowers

Pressed Flowers: Creating and Styling by Joanna Sheen

Pressed Flowers: Creating and Styling by Joanna Sheen
Picking the right flowers, how and what to press and cultivating a pressing garden. Lovely designs with a focus on the presentation of art, framing, backgrounds, and tools. Step-by-step color design instructions, composition and pictures. Great book for a beginner. 144 pages hardcover, ISBN: 087923766X, Publisher: Merehurst Press, London, 1988   Pressed Flowers: Creating and Styling

The Pressed Flower Project Book by Joannna Sheen

  • Paperback: 48 pages
  • Publisher: Murdoch Books UK 1992   ISBN-10: 1853912085

Emily Dickinson's Herbarium: A Facsinile EditionEmily Dickinson's Herbarium: A Facsimile Edition by Emily Dickinson
This book focuses on a collection of Emily Dickinson's beloved pressed flowers. Botany, her garden, and conservatory gave her both peace and joy and the fascinating details of the natural world in her collection of pressed flowers. ISBN-10: 0674023021 published in 2006

Pressed Flower Collages and Other IdeasPressed Flower Pictures: a Victorian Art Revived by Pamela McDowall
Paperback 80 pages, ISBN: 0718816544, Publisher: Lutterworth

Pressed Flower Collages - Book by Pamela McDowallPressed Flower Collages and Other Ideas by Pamela McDowall
Paperback, ISBN: 0684127156
Publisher: Charles Scribner's Sons Ltd.

Nature Arts

Natural Impressions - Taking an Artistic Path Through NatureNatural Impressions: Taking an Artistic Path Through Nature by Carolyn A. Dahl

A beautiful book demonstrating printing with a natural material by covering it with a medium and pressing it to a surface. See and appreciate exquisite, often-overlooked details and make physical contact with the earth that sustains us. 112 pages soft cover ISBN-10: 0823031497 2002   Natural Impressions: Taking an Artistic Path Through Nature


"With a few flowers in my garden, half a dozen pictures and some books, I live without envy."...Lope de Vega

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