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"How to Tell the Birds from the Flowers" - a cute little book from my collection. Over a century old, fully scanned. scans are copyright annepost 2008





When placing your flowers in a vase, basket, or container make sure that the height of the tallest stem is one and a half times the width of the base of the container.

Trim the stems using sharp scissors to make a clean cut that will not injure the flowers.

Arrange the stems so the smallest flower or bud is at the top, and the biggest at the bottom. This means that the larger the flower, the shorter the stem will be.

Let the stems curve naturally the way they want to. Use a few leaves or some delicate flowers for filling in the spaces between the flowers.

Strip the stems of any leaves which are below the surface of the water. Change the water in the vase once a day. Unfortunately, most people do not change the water until it starts to smell after about three days. Take my advice, don't wait for the third day.

Do not crowd too many flowers into one vase, they need some space to open and breathe. One bouquet does not necessarily equal one vase; sometimes it's better to split a bouquet up into two vases. Your flowers will last longer this way.

You do not need to buy a lot of expensive vases for your flowers. Nice vases can be easily found in resale shops for very little money; you can use charming jars such as Mason jars. You can cut a round circle of burlap or other fabric and gather it up around a plastic milk jug with the top cut off, then tie with string or ribbon... very pretty once you add your flowers.  Or why not treat yourself to one very special vase.


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