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Pressed Foliage Grown And Collected From Various Places

Examples of leaves and foliage grown, gathered and pressed by myself for
use in pressed flower art and wild crafting. Pressed in books and presses.


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"How to Tell the Birds from the Flowers" - a cute little book from my collection. Over a century old, fully scanned. scans are copyright annepost 2008



Pressed Tree Fern
Tree Fern
Pressed Maiden Har Fern
Maidenhair Fern
Pressed Silver Poplar Leaves
Silver Poplar
Pressed Autumn Tansy Leaf
Autumn Tansy
Pressed Tansy Foliage
Tansy Foliage
Pressed Umbrella Fern
Umbrella Fern

Acacia Foliage
pressed foliage - Artemesia Silver King
Silver King
Autumn Boston Ivy
Autumn Boston Ivy
pressed materials - wild grape
Wild Grape
Pressed Rabit Foot Fern
Rabbit Foot Fern
Green Trick Dianthus Florets
Green Trick Dianthus
Pressed Autumn Bracken Fern
Autumn Fern
Pressed Queen Annes Lace Foliage, Daucus carota
Queen Anne's Lace
Pressed Queen Anne's Lace in Bud
QAL in Bud
Bracken Fern
Bracken Fern
Pressed Polka Dot Plant
Polka Dot Plant
Pressed Meadow Rus
Meadow Rue
Silver Grey Leaves
Silver Grey Leaves
Eucalyptus Gum Drop
Eucalyptus Gum Drop
Dianthus Trachillium
Dianthus Trachillium
Red Japanese Maple
Japanese Maple
Pressed Natural Japanese Maple Leaf
Japanese Maple
Pressed Japanese Maple Leaves
Japanese Maple
Pressed Harlequin Maple
Harlequin Maple
Pressed Vvirginia CreeperVines
Virginia Creeper
Pressed Autumn Virginia CreeperVines
Autumn Virginia Creeper
Pressed Purple Maple Leaves
Brown Maple
Pressed Red Maple Leaf
Red Maple
Pressed Autumn Maple - Red/Gold with Black Edges
Autumn Maple - Red/Gold with Black Edges
Pressed Yarrow Leaf
Yarrow Leaf
Pressed Rose Leaves
Rose Leaf

Pressed Ground Ivy
Ground Ivy
Pressed Autumn Sumac Leaves
Autumn Sumac
Pressed Sumac Leaves
Sumac Leaves
Pressed Boston Fern
Boston Fern
Pressed Weeping Willow
Weeping Willow
Pressed Autumn Oak Leaves
Autumn Oak
Pressed Dusty Miller Leaf
Dusty Miller
Pressed Ornamental Sand Cherry Leaf
Sand Cherry
Pressed Arbor Vitae Evergreen
Arbor Vitae
Pressed Sweet Woodruff
Sweet Woodruff
Pressed Varigated Ivy
Variegated Ivy
Pressed Ivy Leaves
English Ivy
Pressed Locust Leaves
Pressed Spring Ginko Leaves

Leather Fern
Pressed Ming Fern
Ming Fern
Pressed Autumn Oak Leaf
Autumn Oak
Pressed Rose Leaves
Rose Leaves
Pressed Springeri Fern
Springeri Fern
Pressed Varigated Eunomys
Variegated Euonymus
Pressed White Pine Needles
White Pine Spray
Pressed Geranium Leaf
Geranium Leaf
Pressed Viburnum Leaf - Snowball Bush
Viburnum Leaf
(Snowball Bush)
Pressed Variegated Euphorbia Leaf
Variegated Euphorbia
Pressed Houttuyana
Chameleon Plant
Pressed Thornapple Leaf
Pressed Field Horsetail
Field Horsetail
Pressed Russian Olive Leaves
Russian Olive
Pressed Russian Olive
Russian Olive
Pressed Chrysanthemum Leaves
Chrysanthemum Leaves
Pressed Prostrate Spurge - Euphorbis maculatascana
Prostrate Spurge
Pressed Larch Tree
Pressed Hazlenut Leaf
Hazel Nut
Green Lycopodium Princess Pine Pressed
Pressed Lycopodium Princess Pine Dyed Red
Lycopodium Dyed Red
Pressed Yellow Nutsedge
Yellow Nut Sedge
Pressed Bupleurum-Hare's Ear
Bupleurum-Hare's Ear
pressed foliage - Juniper
Pressed False Cypress
False Cypress
Pressed Artemisia Silver King
Dusty Miller
Small Pressed Fern Dyed Green
Small Dyed Fern
Pressed Foliage - Boxwood
Pressed Lemon Thyme
Lemon Thyme
Pressed Evergreen Yew
Pressed Larkspur Foliage
Larkspur Foliage
Pressed Palm Leaf
Palm Areca
(not dyed)
Pressed Fig Leaf
Fig Leaf
Pressed Holly Fern
Holly Fern


  1. Generally, pressed green foliage will retain color best if its picked early in the year. When that's not possible, try to get younger, fresher leaves.

  2. Later in the year, when the weather is cooler, and just before the cool autumn weather changes the colors of foliage, is also a good time to pick greenery for pressing. The drawback to picking at this time of year is that some leaves have suffered damage from weather or hungry insects.

  3. Heat can damage the chlorophyll in the leaves, so try to avoid pressing foliage in the microwave unless you know the particular species will be good, or if you dye your leaves first. If you must press leaves in the microwave, stop before they're completely dry and finish up in your flower press.

Methinks my own soul must be a bright invisible green....Henry David Thoreau





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