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Pressed Flower Craft Projects

There a many things you can do with pressed flowers. Here are instructions for some projects
that you can do yourself. Check back periodically as more pressed flower projects are added.

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Dying Pressed Flowers
Press Your Flowers
Kid's Nature Projects
Wax Paper Pressing
Flower Projects
Floral Luminary
Greeting Cards
Flower Magnets
Secret Compartment Book
Marbleing Paper
Make Sticker Glue

Pressed Flower Shopping
Pressed Flowers
Pressed Foliage
Dyed Flora
How to Dye


Color Enhanced Pressed Flowers, Sweet Autumn Clematis
  Dyed Pressed Flowers

Flower Pressed With Alstromeria
  Botanical Flower Press

Flower Presses
  Microwave Press


.,Making Key Rings With Pressed Flowers and Stained Glass
  Stained Glass Magnets

Making Magnets With Kids And Pressed Flowers
  Kids' Salt Dough Magnets

  Stained Glass Magnets



Pressed Flower Magnets With Glass Gems
  Kids' Gem Magnets

Presed Flowers Greeting Card
  Pressed Flower Pictures

Pressed Flower Magnet Made From A Glass Tile
  Glass Tile Magnets


Uses for Pressed Flowers



  Botanical Lamp Shades

  Decorate Bags and Boxes

  Decorate Candles

  Decorative Mirrors

  Decorative Pressed Flower Pots


  Fan Pulls

  Flower Stickers

  Framed Botanical Art

  Framed Pressed Flower Art

  Gift Tags

  Greeting Cards

  Herbarium Collections

  Journal Covers and Pages

  Mats And Frames

  Memory Book Covers and Pages

  Night Lights

  Note Cards

  Ornaments With Pressed Flowers

  Place Cards

  Place Mats

  Press Flowers from Special Occasions

  Pressed Flower Jewelry

  Pressed Flower Luminaries

  Rubber Stamping Projects


  Sun Catchers

  Wedding Invitations

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