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Boxes Made From Recycled Books

This is a great way to recycle books you no longer want.
They look great decorated with handmade paper and pressed flowers or leaves.


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Boxes From Books

Little things that can clutter up a desk or shelf can be kept in an old book with a secret compartment cut out. I like to have one around when working with pressed flowers or other small items. It's a pretty way to organize.

  • Decide on size and placement of the compartment and mark it.
  • Use an Exacto knife or box cutter with a straight edge to cut out the compartment, cutting about six to ten pages at a time.
  • Leave some of the pages intact at the bottom/end so that the opening is lined. If possible, choose an interesting page to be left for the liner.
  • Glue the pages together and let dry. Don't glue the front cover, as this will be your lid.

After gluing, you can paint the outer edges of the pages with gold paint to give your book an elegant gilded look, or decorate as desired with leather, fabric or hand made paper to make it look like a hand made book. Try using hand made paper and pressed flowers or a leaf or two.

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