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Preserving Nature by Pressing Flowers In Waxed Paper


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How to Teach Kids to Press Leaves and Flowers Using Wax Paper


  • Assorted flat foliage such as leaves, grass and flower petals - you may press your flowers first if you prefer

  • Wax paper

  • Warm Iron

  • Scissors


  • Cut two sheets of wax paper.

  • Arrange flowers and leaves on one side of the wax paper.

  • Cover flowers with a second sheet of wax paper.

  • Press a warm iron (not hot) over the top sheet of wax paper.  This seals the wax paper and helps preserve the pressed flower and leaf arrangement.

  • Trim the edges.


  • Sprinkle glitter between the sheets of wax paper before ironing.

  • Use some crayon shavings for extra color.

  • Draw on the wax paper with crayons, decorate with fresh or pressed flowers, foliage and botanicals, then iron.

  • Try using potpourri for a different look.

  • Use some herbs and spices for a nice smell.

  • Include feathers, a bit of sand or other flat natural objects.

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