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Delicate and beautiful, yet tough and practical; a great project to do with kids


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Pressed Flower MagnetsPressed Flower Magnets Made From Glass Gems

Powerful neodymium rare earth super magnets are used to create these pretty pressed flower magnets. The tiny magnets are unobtrusive to the delicacy of the flower and are very powerful, holding at least 8oz.

These Are Fun And Easy To Do, A Great Project For Kids:Pressed Flower Magnet Made From A Glass Tile

  • Start with a glass gem, a glass tile, or a stained glass blank

  • Clean glass well

  • Decorate with pressed flowers

  • Seal with a clear varnish or a couple coats of Modge-Podge

  • Attach a magnet to the back, preferably a tiny neodymium rare earth super magnet because they are tiny and powerful.

Stained Glass Magnets

  • Cut a piece of stained glass

  • Grind the edges

  • Wrap with copper tape

  • Flux and solder over the copper

Cutting glass is fairly easy if you aren't afraid to break it. Score the glass with a glass cutter, then break. Simple.

To finish edges you can solder, use ribbon, copper foil, or a similar material to cover edges of the glass.  If your glass has been ground it's no longer sharp and looks fine without a border.

If you don't want to cut your own glass you can get a variety of pretty stained glass blanks that have been pre-cut and ground in my web store. You could also ask your local stained glass store to cut them for you but the edges will be sharp so use with caution.

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