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"How to Tell the Birds from the Flowers" - a cute little book from my collection. Over a century old, fully scanned. scans are copyright annepost 2008




"How can I have my flowers pressed and framed?"

There are many ways of treating and pressing flowers; all dependant on the condition of the flower.

Flowers are delicate and need to be preserved as soon as possible. It's important to maintain freshness until the process is begun, so they should be kept cool and dry until pressing. Remember, there is no was to un-wilt or un-bruise a flower.

Do not add water or mist your flowers. It's best to rehydrate the flowers if they are starting to wilt when they are received, if possible.

Do not put your flowers in a freezer!  When  removed they will thaw and turn to mush, leaving nothing left to preserve.

You must ship your flowers in an insulated box. To insulate the box, you can use either Styrofoam sheets or packing peanuts.

Alternatively, you can use two boxes, a larger box lined with plastic and packing peanuts, then place the smaller box with the flowers and ice inside of the insulated box. You could also use a Styrofoam cooler.

  • Loosely wrap the fresh cool flowers in newspaper or tissue and place them in the box. Do not mist the flowers or add water.

  • Fill a couple of zip-loc bags with water and freeze them solid.

  • Tape the bags of ice to the box that will hold the flowers. (This is done so the ice doesn't move around and crush the flowers during shipping.)

  • Put the wrapped flowers in the insulated box.

  • Seal the box and Fed-Ex it, overnight. Send with no signature required so the flowers are sure to be delivered promptly.

If you want to preserve the original design try to ship the arrangement without taking it apart to better convey how it should be reassembled. If that's not possible, then please take pictures.

Preserving and pressing should be done ASAP because the fresher the flowers, the better the result.  The freshness of your flowers is directly related to the quality of your completed piece.

Shipping your flowers out of the country, is never a good idea. Your flowers will likely be held up in customs long enough for your flowers to deteriorate beyond saving. Always find someone in your own country to do your flowers. 

If you need help finding someone you may contact me and I'll give you some names and contact information of good artists, many do not have websites but do excellent work.

These instructions first published June 1990 (c) Anne Post

Some lovely memorial poetry that can be used with funeral flowers.

United States

You many contact me to have your flowers preserved for you if you'd rather not try it yourself. Also, i can usually refer you to someone else if you have special needs. Contact Me


I highly recommend Merlene Lee as she does the most wonderful work. Some flowers can't be replaced, so why take the chance.

Merlene Lee
6 Kerr Drive
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. P6A 5H9

Send flowers directly to the artist so she can get started with the pressing, and work out the details with her.  Merlene recommends UPS or Express overnight mail as the best ways to ship in Canada.

United Kingdom

The Flower Press is a specialist in pressing wedding bouquets and memory flowers in the UK. Please visit her website for more information.

Pressing flowers is only one choice. You may wish to preserve the three dimensional beauty of your bridal bouquet by Freeze-Drying.

United States

For an excellent floral preservation artist in Austin, Texas visit Preserved Flower to see the extraordinary beauty of these exquisitely preserved flowers. With proper care, these flowers can look fresh indefinitely.


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