Dyes to Color Pressed Flowers

Dry Dye Kit for Pressed Flowers
7 colors - red, yellow, blue, purple, green, black, and white plus 10 pipettes, and 10 scoops.

$54 USD + shipping

Instructions to Dye Pressed Flowers

Clear Plastic Transfer Pipettes for Measuring out Alcohol.

0.15cc Pigment Scoop

Measuring Set
3.5 ml. clear transfer pipettes to measure alcohol... Tiny 0.15cc scoops, for measuring pigment.
10 each $4.00 USD + shipping

Typically, use 1 pipette of alcohol to 1 scoop of pigment.

Open Frame-Work Botanical Press for Plants and FlowersProfessional Botanical Plant Press

Oak flower press measuring 12x18 constructed of hardwood to withstand hard usage. Includes 13 cardboard ventilators, 24 super thick blotters, and straps. Expandable.

Professional Herbarium Style Botanical Flower PressBotanical Style Field Press

A smaller flower press made of 6x9 hardwood. This press is expandable by adding more blotters and ventilators. I keep these presses in my car. Uses regular blotters.



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